Women with disabilities clean veterans' headstones – Channel 2

Women with disabilities clean veterans’ headstones – Channel 2

TULSA — Four women with disabilities spend three days a week cleaning the headstones of veterans and their families at a local cemetery. 

A New Leaf and Shining Honor Project partnered together in the last month. 

Now, Trinity, Kim, Maxine and Cheyenne sit on the ground with brushes and spray bottles at the Rose Hill Memorial Park scrubbing headstones. 

“You use soap, water and DEQ,” Cheyenne said. 

The women spent two week cleaning Commander Charles Brewer’s headstone. They said it was covered in moss. 

“I feel like I did achieve something that day that we cleaned it,” Kim said. 

The women are known as the Honor Team. With each headstone they clean, they wonder who exactly it is they are honoring. They calculate how old the veterans were and try to figure out how they are related.

“Sometimes when I look at the name I will just sit there and pray for them,” Kim said.

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