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What Our Partners Are Saying

Our clients find such pride in working on the headstones of Veterans. A lot of them have Veterans in their families or know Veterans and feel like they are honoring them. They feel like they are serving them in a way they are able to without the limitations or judgments they face in everyday life. You see the sense of purpose and pride in all who participate and the hard work they do with little to no prompts or assistance. They want to succeed in the task on their own and go above and beyond on every headstone they touch. I am a Veteran and couldn’t be prouder of our crew or the Shining Honor organization.

—MICHELLE HUNT, Program Manager at Incor

“The Shining Honor Project has been a fantastic program for Gatesway clients.  Giving them the opportunity to go to work, earn a paycheck and become increasingly independent has made a difference in their lives.  You can tell by the smile on their face they enjoy their time with Shining Honor.”

Leadership Team at the Gatesway Foundation

“After a few times he did this, the job coach realized he was finding the next person on the list. We had no idea Billy could read!” Morton exclaimed. The Shining Honor Project not only provided Billy a job, and the satisfaction of knowing he was contributing to his community, it also revealed a skill that had never been displayed to staff. Now Billy enjoys reading the newspaper with staff each morning and cultivating his ability to read. This, in addition to his job and daily, walks around campus.

– Joe C. Williams

Director Of Communications 
Gatesway Foundation

“The Honor Team members have gotten so close to the Shining Honor Project folks, it’s really become a family. It’s increased their self-esteem. It’s the things we take for granted, that they just don’t have. For the first time, they’ve got money in their pockets.”

Leadership Team at the Gatesway Foundation

“ I wholeheartedly believe that giving them the opportunity to go out and work and have an income is very important and fulfilling for the Honor Team members. I am thankful that the organization’s founders had the vision to start the Shining Honor Project. Their efforts have given an opportunity to the Honor Team members to make a difference and let them live a more independent lifestyle that may not have been possible otherwise.”

Renee Morrison
Job Coach
Gatesway Foundation

“Shining Honor has a unique way to remember and honor our military by carefully cleaning and restoring headstones that belong to our courageous and selfless veterans and their family members.”

– Joe Bryan
Customer Service Supervisor II, City of Tulsa

“The clients have benefited in ways well beyond a paycheck, for many it has been life changing! Gentleman like Billy and Tony who seemingly roamed throughout the day without purpose now have a meaningful day! Ms. Kitty who has begged for a job but does not like noise or people around had a difficult time finding suitable employment. This has been a perfect job for her and given her a sense of purpose and fulfillment. It is also helping her develop her social skills as she is working alongside another teammate.”

“Danielle, Megan, and Jessica have struggled with finding the motivation to be successful while working. This has been the perfect opportunity for them to gain the skills and self-determination and experience success.”

Dawn Murphy
Administrator, Intermediate Care Facility
Gatesway Foundation

“The Lighthouse Christian Home is humbled to be part of the Shining Honor Project. To provide individuals with disabilities employment and serve our community truly falls within our mission and vision. We feel blessed for this opportunity and will strive to fulfill the project’s mission as well.”

Shirley Willis
Executive Director
Lighthouse Christian Home and Services

“Anytime you would see them out working in their uniforms tending to the graves, it was a very comforting, special feeling. I like their appearance, couple that with their communication with us and the resources they provide, it was just a win-win for them and us. To see an organization that focuses on the maintenance and cleaning of those memorial markers and monuments is phenomenal. It is great to see such attention and detail given to those who have passed on years ago. The families can have confidence that it is going to be done right.”

– Ronnie Felts
Family Services Manager
Memorial Park Cemetery in Tulsa, OK.

“Now for our wonderful folks here at Gatesway. Because they are in an Immediate Care Facility (ICF) their money is really limited. They do not have community jobs with job coaches because they are not on the community waiver. Some have never had a job, some have had limited experience working, others have been in sheltered workshops, and sadly, many have failed at work so they have just quit trying. What the Shining Honor Project has done is giving them a real job. Thank you so much for that. Out of all money received for them monthly from state and federal funds they receive only $30-$50 a month. That does not go far! Their choices are so limited….a soda a day of their choice from the vending machine for many!

A real paycheck really helps them learn how to become a real consumer in the community, make choices on where to go and what to buy (or save)!! They feel so important and adult when they can make choices and spend the money they earn!! This, in turn, models the behavior of working for their wants instead of asking for what they want. They become productive. Others see this and want to work also…and on and on because YOUR ORGANIZATION GAVE THEM THE OPPORTUNITY TO WORK. Words cannot express how much this means to me personally and to our Board and staff, but mostly what it means to our folks living here at Gatesway.”

Judi Myers, MS
President of the ICF Campus
Gatesway Foundation