Headstone Before and After

Joy isn’t typically associated with a visit to the local cemetery. Due to the work of the Shining Honor Project, people with developmental challenges are finding the joy of earning a paycheck, the joy of doing a job well and the joy of contributing to the community by honoring our nation’s veterans. Families of veterans are also experiencing the joy of knowing their loved ones are being remembered and their final resting place is being treated with dignity and respect.

The Shining Honor Project began in April 2017 in Oklahoma, and in Spring 2018, started cleaning and restoring veterans’ headstones in Montana. Our goal is to provide funding for clients of the Gatesway Foundation, A New Leaf, Lighthouse Christian Home and other caregiving agencies to have gainful employment by cleaning and restoring the headstones of veterans and their spouses.

Valuable life skills and confidence are developed through this work. It is our hope that our Honor Team members may be better prepared for a more independent lifestyle and our nation’s veterans will be honored for their extraordinary service.

Thousands of Gravestones Cleaned

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