The Shining Honor Project employs adults with developmental challenges to clean veterans headstones

Meet Billy

  • Billy was one of our original Honor Team members and apart of the Gatesway family for more than 40 years and everyone loved him.
  • Billy had never shown interest in a job or earning a paycheck until he was offered the opportunity to join the Shining Honor Project.
  • When presented with his Honor Team vest he was overjoyed and felt a sense of belonging and purpose he had never had before.
  • Billy had made a habit of following the job coach marking graves that were to be cleaned. He learned to go out on his own to find the next person on the list.
  • Until Shining Honor Project, his job coaches were unaware that Billy could read. He used to read the newspaper every day with the staff cultivating his ability to read.
  • Shining Honor Project not only provided Billy with a job and the satisfaction that he was contributing to the community, but it revealed a skill that had not been displayed to the Gatesway staff.

Rest in Peace Billy.