A Shining Honor Project Oklahoma Team member

Meet our newest Honor Team Member, Donald

  • Donald is very excited to be back to work after being unemployed for a while. His last job was in the workshop at the Gatesway Foundation.
  • He loves to be outdoors, especially during the springtime, which is his favorite season of the year. At Gatesway, Donald enjoys sitting outside on a bench and watching all of the nature around him.
  • One of Donald’s favorite things about working with Shining Honor Project is that he is able to be in a different outdoor environment every day.
  • When Donald isn’t working, he loves watching Comedy and Action movies.
  • After work, Donald waits for his girlfriend every day at the same spot on the Gatesway campus. They hang out and talk about the events of the day. He’s hoping to save some of his wages to take his girlfriend on a date.
  • Donald also loves Elvis Presley. He knows all of his songs and even some of Presley’s dance moves. He’ll gladly show off his moves anytime you ask.