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As a community initiative, the Shining Honor Project has a two-fold purpose. SHP provides employment opportunities for adults with developmental challenges while honoring our nation’s service men and women. We partner with the Lighthouse Christian Home and other caregiving agencies by providing funding for their clients to clean and restore headstones belonging to military veterans and their spouses. Through this process, we are able to honor those who have endured enormous sacrifices for our country. These projects give our Honor Team members an added sense of purpose, pride and value to their lives.

Donations are requested to be made to the Whitefish Community Foundation on behalf of the Shining Honor Project. Donors receive a tax-deductible receipt for 100% of the donation. Whitefish Community Foundation serves as an additional resource to oversee the distribution of funds to the caregiving agencies for the benefit of the Honor Team Members. All donations will be used exclusively for the benefit of the agencies and Honor Team Members, and will not be used for any Shining Honor Project overhead or administrative expenses. Our donors can have confidence that 100 percent of their donation will go into the hands of those who need it most.

Montgomery Norris, Company K, 85th Regiment Indiana Infantry, Union Army, at Oaklawn Cemetery


Our Process here at the Shining Honor Project starts with our valued partners. Lighthouse Christian Home is a non-profit organization committed to providing life-long care for adults with developmental disabilities. These individuals join together as Honor Team members to clean and restore veterans’ headstones. Since beginning in Spring 2017, our Honor Teams have cleaned thousands of headstones in Tulsa, Oklahoma and in Spring of 2018, began cleaning and restoring veterans’ headstones at Whitefish Cemetery in Whitefish, Montana.


Our Honor Teams have been professionally trained in proper headstone restoration. We use the same cleaning products approved by the National Park Service for use at Arlington National Cemetery exclusively.


Cleaned Gravestones